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An electron has dropped from a higher energy state to a lower one. The photon emitted has precisely the same energy as was lost by the electron.

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When an atom emits light, it drops to a lower energy state.

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Electrons are dropping from high energy levels to lower energy ones which causes the emission of photons of light.

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Q: What change occurs with the atom when it is emitting light?
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What is the energy change that occurs when an atom gains electrons called?

The energy change that occurs when an atom gains electrons is called the

Do atom or molecules change identity when a change of state occurs?


How do you generate light?

Light is generated when photons are emitted from an atom. This occurs when an electron on one energy level of an atom falls to a lower energy level.

Sketch an atom emitting light. Does the electron end up in a higher or lower orbit. Repeat for an atom absorbing light?

When an atom emits light an electron has fallen from a higher orbit to a lower orbit. The amount of energy the emitted photon has will equal the energy difference between the initial and final orbits.

What is the value of n for the level in which the electron originated is an electron in a hydrogen atom relaxes to the 4 level emitting a light of 114 tetra Hz?


What is the energy change that occurs when an atom loses electrons called?

ionization energy

An excited atom can lose energy by?

*Capturing an orbiting electron *Emitting a positron So C both of the above

What is the equation for the transmutation that occurs when an alpha particle combines with an oxygen- 16 atom emitting a proton?

O-16 + He-4 ---> F-19 + H-1 Hence fluorine nucleus is produced.

The lines in the bright line spectrum of an atom are due to what?

The atomic line spectrum comes from the emission of atoms of different elements that are in an excited state. Each element has its own unique atomic emission spectrum.

Can light be bent or refracted when it hits a new material at a angle?

Light can only be bent by gravity, therefore, refraction occurs when light hits an atom's electron and is scattered in a different direction.

What is the change in atomic number when an atom emits a positron?

Emitting a positron, turns a proton into a neutron. So the atomic number goes down by 1, while the mass number remains the same.

Emissin of light from an atom occurs when an electron what?

Lots of wrong answers out there, tested this on school, the answer is: Drops from a higher to a lower energy level