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Q: What colour would Carbon dioxide change limewater to?
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What gas makes limewater change colour?

Carbon dioxide.

Give one example of a chemical reaction characterised by a change in colour?

hydrochloic acid and sodium carbonate in limewater makes carbon dioxide which turns the limewater milky

What liquid is used to test for presence of carbon dioxide?

Limewater is used to test for carbon dioxide. If it turns a milky colour, then carbon dioxide is present.

Why does limewater go cloudy when carbon dioxide is bubbled through it?

Firstly,it does not goes cloudy but it turns to milky colour. Limewater turns to milky colour when carbon dioxide is bubbled through it due to the formation of calcium carbonate. The following equation will help you to understand better: Lime Water[Ca(OH)2] + Carbon Dioxide[CO2] → Calcium Carbonate[CaCO3] + Water[H2O]

What can you see in limewater if there is oxygen in it?

lime water will stay the same, it will only change colour and texture if carbon dixoide is added to it.

Sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide dissolve in water what colour would their solution change the universal indicator to?

It wouldn't change at all as it is neutral

What substance is used to test for the presence of Carbon Dioxide and water?

Test for Carbon Dioxide: Bubble unknown gas in lime water. Limewater should go milky if Carbon dioxide is present. Test for water: Add anhydrous copper sulphate crystals (white in colour) to unknown solution. If solution goes a brilliant light blue colour, water is present as the hydrous copper sulphate crystals were formed. Did this help?

What colour is carbon dioxide at room temperature?

You can't see Carbon Dioxide at room temperature.

Does CO2 have a color?

Carbon dioxide has not colour.

What colour is a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher?


What colour does bicarbonate indicator turn when carbon dioxide is present?

a dark blue colour

What is the colour of blood which has oxygen and carbon dioxide?

Oxygenated blood is red. The presence of carbon dioxide in the blood does not alter the color.

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