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This is the difference of electronegativity between oxygen and hydrogen.

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Q: What contributes to the polarity of a water molecule?
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Why is water versatile molecules?

Water is a versatile molecule because of its polarity.

Which property of water is created by the fact that opposite sides of the water molecule have opposite electric charges?

This is the polarity of the water molecule.

How does the polarity of water molecules make water an effective solvent?

The polarity of the water molecule is what makes water a great solvent. It called the universal solvent.

The unequal sharing of electrons in a molecule of water is an example of?


What causes the polarity of a water molecule?

the unequal sharing of electrons

How does water become polar molecule?

becase of the polarity in water it is ver soluble

How does a drawing of polarity water and the bond polarities make a major contribution to the overall molecular polarity look?

The polarity is a vector quantity. The resultant of the polarity of bonds determines the polarity of the molecule. In CO2 there is polarity between the two C-O but the polarity is equal and opposite in direction so CO2 doesn't have polarity. If the polarity of bonds is not cancelled then the polarity remains in the molecule.

Which property of water is likely the most significant in water's role as a universal solvent?

The property of water that has made it such an effective solvent is the polarity of the molecule. It is highly polar.

What is a shorter answer for what causes polarity in a water molecule?

asymmetrical charge distribution

What property of water causes many of its properties?

The polarity of the water molecule is responsible for most of water's properties.

Sugar dissolves in water because both are made up of?

Sugar (sucrose) dissolves in water because it is a polar molecule, owed namely to its many -OH groups. Remember that water (H-OH) is a very polar molecule. Both molecules share the -OH group that contributes to their polarity.

Is CH3OH polar or non polar?

CH3OH is a polar molecule owing to the polarity rendered by the -OH group. Its structure can be thought of as very similar, if not exactly, to the water molecule, and the CH3- group decreases the polarity as compared to water.