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The second element's name is changed so that it ends in the suffix -ide.

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In binary compound, it's name end in the letters "ide":"ite":"ate."

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Q: What do names of binary compounds end with?
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What is the suffix of binary compounds?

Binary compounds generally end i with the suffix -ide.

What is the ending for names of all binary compound's?

i think that the ending for all names of binary compounds is ide. for example : NaCl is a binary ionic compound and it ends with and ide .

How are molecular formula translate into binary covalent compounds names?

By changing the spelling to binary covalent compund.

Do the names of a binary acid begin with the prefix bi?

The names of binary acids do not begin with bi. The names of binary acids being with the "hydro" prefix, then the root of the nonmetal element, then they end with "ic".

Binary ionic compounds are called salts?

yes, but not all salts are binary ionic compounds

What is the term for simple compounds that contain only two compounds?

binary compounds

What is the general name for compounds composed of two elements?

A binary compound is a chemical compound that contains exactly two different elements. An example would be water containing hydrogen and oxygen, H2O.

What is binary compounds containing two non metals?

Binary molecular.

Are binary molecular compounds made of metallic elements or nonmetallic elements?

Binary molecular compounds are composed of two nonmetallic elements.

Are non binary compounds and polyatomic compounds the same thing?


What are the compounds of binary ionic compounds?

Aluminum chlorideIron (lll) oxide

What are the two types of binary compounds?

Type 1 binary ionic compounds are those in which the cation has only one form, or charge. Type 2 binary ionic compounds are those in which the cation can have multiple forms.