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Horizontal rows are called periods. There are 7 periods in Periodic Table.

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Q: What do we call the horizontal row in the periodic table of elements?
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Why is the table of elements call the periodic table?

The Periodic Table is arranged like it is for a specific reason. It is probably called the Periodic Table because it is made up of "periods" or horizontal rows.

What do Russians call the periodic table of elements?

The Communist's Periodic Table of Elements:)Couldn't Resist

What do you call the horizontal arrangement of the periodic table?


What do you call the horizontal sections of the periodic table?

they are called periods

How do you call the horizontal row of a periodic table?

The horizontal rows are called periods

A table of elements that organizes the elements by atomic number and properties?

Chemists call this the periodic table of elements.

What do you call the table used to group atoms?

The Periodic Table of Elements

What is the arrange of elements call?

The elements are arranged in what is called the periodic table.

What do you call elements in a row on the periodic table?

A period

What do you call the arrangement of elements started by mendelyev?

The "Periodic Table".

What is call metal?

A group of elements in the periodic table is called metals.

What do you call a chart that organizes elements by the number of protons in eadch elements nucleus?

Periodic Table