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The element with 115 protons is arbitrarily named as Ununpentium and it belongs to group 15, nitrogen family.

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Q: What group would a element synthesized with 115 protons group?
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When an element whose nucleus has 115 protons is synthesized which type of element will it be.?

I don't know WHY, per say, but I know it would be metal. toodles.

Where on the periodic table would you find the element with seven protons?

Nitrogen is the element with 7 protons. It is place din period -2 and group-15.

What is the element that has more protons of any element in group 15?

The expected answer is element 115, Ununpentium, if that has been discovered. Among stable elements, the answer would be bismuth.

What type of chemical bond can form between an element with 11 protons and an element with 17 protons?

This would be an ionic bond. The element with 11 protons would be sodium. The element with 17 protons would be chlorine. Sodium Chloride which is ionic would be the result.

What group would an element with 120 protons and 2 electrons go in?

An element with 120 protons would be unbinilium which hasn't been discovered yet. With 2 electrons would make it Ubn118+ which is an ion- not an atom so it is not on the periodic table.

What is the element that has 8 electrons and 7 protons?

Any element with 7 protons would be Nitrogen

What element would you get if three protons?


Why would sodium never have 12 protons?

Sodium has 11 protons. The element with 12 protons is magnesium

Does any other element have the same number of protons as sulfur?

No, there can be no other element that has the same number of protons as sulfur, and that is because elements are defined by the number of protons that they have. Therefore no two elements can have the same number of protons; if they did, they would be the same element.

What is the number of protons in the nucleus?

The number of protons is the same as the atomic number of the element. for example if your element is magnesium with the atomic number 12 there would be 12 protons in the nucleus.

What would you expect element 118 to do?

Element 118 is a noble gas, which means it would be largely unreactive. Only a few atoms of this gas have been synthesized.

Where would you find the heavy metals on the periodic table?

The mass of an element increases as you go down the periodic table. The heaviest discovered (synthesized) metals are in the bottom row of the transition metals group.