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As heat increases the surface tension decreases.

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Q: What happens to the surface tension of a liquid when it is heated?
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Why you have convex and concave meniscous?

The surface tension of the liquid determines which of these happens. The surface tension depends on the surface energies of both the liquid and the container wall material.

What liquid have the strongest surface tension?

Mercury is the liquid with the strongest surface tension.

Surface Tension is found in what?

Surface tension is found in Liquid

Is surface tension a solid liquid or gas?

Surface tension is a characteristic of liquids.

What liquids have strongest surface tension?

Mercury is the liquid with the strongest surface tension.

What is surface tension in hydrocarbons?

Each liquid hydrocarbon has a different surface tension.

What matter has surface tenstion?

A liquid has surface tension.

What is the force that acts on the surface of a liquid?

surface tension

What is the attraction of liquid?

Surface tension .

Is surface tension effected by impurities?

yes The presence of impurities either on the surface or dissolved in it, affect surface tension of the liquid. Highly soluble substances increase the surface tension of water, whereas sparingly soluble substances reduce the surface tension of water. The surface tension of a liquid decreases with increase in temperature. The surface tension of a liquid becomes zero at its boiling point and vanishes at critical temperature.

How can surface tension be broken?

Surface tension can be broken by dish washing liquid or oil

Describe how the particles are arranged in a liquid?

In a liquid the surface tension cause the liquid to act as if a thin film were stretched across its surface. For example, surface tension allows the spider to float on water as if the water had a thin film.right but not for this question. in a liquid, the particles are not in formation like in a solid, and they can move about. However they can't leave the container until they are heated to become a gas.

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