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I think you mean,

'What happens when ionic bonding occurs between two elements'

In ionic bonding two or more elements share electrons from their outter shells, usually resulting in full, stable outter shells like the noble gases.

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One of them looses electrons(metals) forming cation and other gains electrons

(non-metals) forming anions and thus both attain stable electronic configuration and get

bonded together by an ionic bond.

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Q: What happens when ionic bonding occurs between two atoms?
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What type of bonding occurs between atoms that don't easily lose electrons?

Covalent bonding

What type of bonding occurs between the atoms of a rm CCl 4 molecule?


Does metallic bonding occur between copper?

Metallic bonding occurs within solid pieces of copper and between individual atoms of copper in such objects.

Does metallic bonding occur between atoms of copper or chlorine?

Metallic bonding occurs between copper atoms. Only copper is a metal and has the characteristics needed for metallic bonding. Metallic bonding occurs between atoms with low electronegativities (low tendency to attract electrons from other atoms) and low ionisation energies (little energy required to remove electrons from the atoms). The low tendency for the metallic atoms to keep their electrons allow their electrons to be shared between the atoms, which thus become cations. The cations tend to be very closely-packed; they are not repulsed by their similar positive charges, but attracted to the electrons flowing freely between the cations. Metallic bonding therefore occurs between copper atoms, which have low electronegativity and ionisation energy. Chlorine atoms have some of the highest electronegativity and ionisation energy of all elements, and thus do not exhibit metallic bonding.

Is metallic bonding between metals or non metals?

between metals

Which part or parts of an atom are responsible for bonding with other atoms?

Bonding between atoms occurs at the valence electron level. Core electrons and the atomic nucleus are unaffected.

When atoms share an electron what type of bonding occurs?

Covalent Bonding

What happens in the process of covalent bonding?

electrons are shared between one or more atoms.

Is covalent non metal?

Covalent bonding occurs between two atoms that are both non metals

What kind of bonding is hydrogen gas occurs when two valence electrons are shared between the Hydrogen atoms?


Elements whose atoms can combine to form compounds?

Reactive elements have atoms that can combine to form compounds. The atoms in a compound are combined through different types of bonds, such as ionic, covalent, hydrogen, and metallic bonding. With ionic bonding, there is an exchange of electrons between atoms. Covalent bonding occurs when electrons are shared by two atoms.

How do you write a structural formula between 2 hydrogen atoms as a triple bond?

You don't. A triple bond occurs between two atoms that each have either three or four bonding sites. Nitrogen molecules and acetylene molecules have triple bonds. Hydrogen atoms have one bonding site.