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I'm not completely sure what your getting at with this question but here's my answer: In a sense, a neutron is both positively and negatively charged because when a neutron undergoes beta decay it releases both a positively charged proton and a negatively charged electron through an interaction involving a change in quarks via a weak force interaction.

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Q: What has negative charge and positive charge with more exampal?
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If an object has more electrons than protons it has what type of charge?

Since protons have a positive charge and electrons have a negative charge, an atom with more protons than electrons would have a positive charge. Note that an atom with this kind of imbalance is known as an ion.

What is an atom with a positive charge or negative charge called?

A charged atom is called an ion.If it has more protons then electrons, it has a positive charge.If it has more electrons than protons, it has a negative charge.

Is there any negative charge on a positive charged object?

Any "object" larger than elementary particles consists of positive and negative charges. If your object has a negative charge, it simply has more particles with a negative charge than particles with a positive charge.

What charge does an object have if it has more negative particles than positive particles?


How do you positive ion generates?

when an atom loses one or more of its electrons(negative charge) and have more protons(positive charge). this creates a positive ion

What charge is a negative?

A charge which is not a positive charge is a negative charge.

When an object has more negative charge than positive charge what is it called?

Negative. Actually, I believe it is Static Charge.

All atoms have a blank charge?

If there are more protons than electrons there is a positive charge. If there is more electrons than protons there is a negative charge.

What charge would an ion have if it has more protons than electrons?

A positive charge.

Can ion have a positive and negative charge?

An ion is either a positive charged or a negative charged atom. Negative ions have one or more extra electrons, and positive ones have one or more electrons not there.

When an atom is negative or positive?

An atom is negative when there are more electrons which gives it that negative charge. An atom is positive when there are less electrons than protons.

When an atom has more protons than electrons what is its electrical charge?

No. An 'atom' can not have more electrons than protons because, by definition, an 'atom' is electrically neutral. If an 'atom' loses or gains an electron, it becomes an 'ion' and is electrically charged. An 'ion' with more electrons than protons will be NEGATIVELY charged because electrons carry negative charge.