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The effect of temperature and pressure on the phase of a substance

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Typically, a phase diagram, displays the phases (solid, liquid, and gas) of a substance grpahically--pressure on the y-axis and temperature on the x-axis.

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Q: What information does a phase diagram give?
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What are phase daigram?

Phase diagram are also known as thermal equilibrium diagram or a consistutional diagram 1. Different uses of phase diagram are 2. prediction of phase 3. amount of phase 4.composition of phase

Is carbon dioxide a gas or a liquid?

It depends on the temperature and pressure of its surroundings. check out its phase diagram for more information. the phase diagram is available here...

Phase diagram for urea-benzoic acid?

phase diagram of urea and benzoic acid

What science uses phase diagram?

The branches of science that use phase diagram are physical chemistry, mineralogy, and materials science. Phase diagram is also used in the field of mineralogy.

What is a phase diagram?

a diagram showing the effects of temperature and pressure on phase

Why phase diagram is called equilibrium diagram?

A phase diagram of the equilibrium relationship between temperature, pressure, and composition in any system.

What is phase diagram in series LCR circuit?

diagram in series lcr circuit

The equilibrium lines on a phase diagram meet at the what?

meet at the critical point on the diagram.

What are the various phases exist on Fe-Fe3C diagram?

See this phase diagram.

Drawing block diagram of single phase capacitor start motor?

Drawing block diagram of single phase capasitor start motor?

What does a phase diagram show for a substance?

A phase diagram shows if a substance is going to be a solid gas, or liquid at a combination of pressure and temperature. It states what phase of matter a substance is at a specific temperature.

How do you calculate 1 phase kWh from measuring amps on each phase?

Measuring the current in each phase (or do you mean 'line'?) will not give you sufficient information to work out what you are asking for.