What is 666 compound in chemistry?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's hexachlorocyclohexane(C6H6Cl6)

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Q: What is 666 compound in chemistry?
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What is a compound science?


What is Science compound?


Is carbon an inorganic compound?

No; Organic chemistry is the chemistry of compounds of Carbon. If the compound includes carbon, it is organic.

What an aromatic compound?

An aromatic compound is a compound in organic chemistry which exhibits aromaticity.

What is the compound of mgo in chemistry?

MgO, magnesium oxide an ionic compound

Where does organic chemistry belong?

organic chemistry belongs to the compound of carbon and hydrogen

What does a compound have to contain to be organic?

Organic Chemistry is defined as 'The Chemistry of Compounds of Carbon'.

What is the definition of moral improvement?

Generally speaking, a moral reform is simply a shift in a society's ideas of what is acceptable or not.

Is water an example of a compound in chemistry?

no its a solution

What does cpd in organic chemistry mean?


Is organic chemistry the chemistry of metallic compound?

No, it is the chemistry of carbon compounds but some organo metallic compounds also exist.

How do you determine the basicity of a compound?

the aidity of a compound is the acidity of a coumpound get it? if you still cannot get go back to general chemistry instead of organic chemistry i hope that this helps you