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Lewis structure

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Q: What is a Structure depicting chemical bonds with a line?
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How to draw the atomic structure of a compound?

Atomic structure is drawn by considering atoms as small spheres & bonds are represented by line joining the centre of two spheres.

A Line depicting equal elevations on a topographic map is commonly referred to as a?

A contour.

Does nylon 66 contain h bond?

In 6,6 nylon, the hydrogen bonds directly line up creating a strong, dense polymer structure.

When was On the Line - Gary U.S. Bonds album - created?

On the Line - Gary U.S. Bonds album - was created in 1982-06.

What does H -- O -- H represnt?

H-O-H represents the line structure of water, where the lines represents the covalent bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen.Water consists of two hydrogens and one oxygen but it will have to be rearranged to HOH for how the molecule actually bonds together. Since hydrogen only has one valence electron, it can only have one bond with another atom. Oxygen has two so it can bond with two hydrogens.However, this line structure does not show the two lone pairs on the oxygen so the actual shape of water is an angular (bent) shape with a bond angle of ~104.5 degrees

Why is the electronegativity difference of 1.7 important as a line on a graph?

It's so you can easily tell the difference between Covalent Bonds and Ionic Bonds by looking at the graph. Above the 1.7 line is Ionic Bonds and below the 1.7 mark is Covalent Bonds.

What are the organizational structure of a security department?

Line structure.

What is isobacraft?

You most likely meant "isobath." A line depicting all points at a designated level under a mass of water.

What is the Lewis structure for 3-hexene?

For n-3-hexene, the carbons are written in a straight line with single bonds between each and a double bond between the third and fourth carbons. Hydrogens are then written around each carbon sufficient to give each carbon four bonds.

What is the Difference between line organisation structure and line and staff organisation structure?

line orgnization has no provision of syaffs ,whereas line and staff org- has provision of staffs

Draw a time line depicting all of the cash flows associated smith sunrise's industry view of the retirement annuity?

AnswerTwenty Frogs

How many angles are there in the linear structure?

There are no angles in a linear structure. It is one line.