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Between methanethiol and methanol (if both species remain PROTONATED), I think methanethiol is the better base (ie, it is easier to form CH3CH2SH2+ than to form CH3CH2OH2+) because the lone pairs on the O are closer to the nucleus (O is more electronegative than S), so the O lone pairs are less available to reach out and grab a proton (aka they are less basic).

Between the DEPROTONATED forms, methoxide (CH3CH2O-) is definitely more basic than methanethiolate (CH3CH2S-). ?Methanol has a higher pKa than methanethiol by about 5 pH units).

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Q: What is a stonger base among methanthiolm and methanol?
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Is methanol a acid or base?

The methanol is a base not a acid

Is CH3OH a salt or base or acid?

CH3OH is not a base and neither is it an acid. This is the chemical formula of methanol which is an alcohol.

Which is more stronger base- lithium nitride or lithium carbide? the conjugate base N3- is stonger than C2 (2-)

Is LiOH a salt?

CH3OH is the chemical formula of methanol, an alcohol - not a salt.

Is methanol a Lewis base?

its a lewis base as the oxygen atom in CH3OH contains a lone pair of electrons...which it can release

Methanol is a electrophilic or a nucleophilic?

It depends upon incoming reagent, if nucleophile attacks on methanol then it undergoes nucleophilic reaction and if electrophile attacks on methanol then it undergoes electrophilic reaction i.e Methanol reacts with both.... Student of A-level, XII, From Moro, SOMIA AKBAR MEMON

Why is 2 4 DiNitroPhenylHydrazone washed with methanol when prepared?

2,4-dinitrohydrazine used during the preparation is a base and may form hydrazonium ion in solution, for the removal of this methanol is used.

Low cost thinner using huge quantity methanol. have you any formula for manufacturing very low cost thinner by using methanol. which dissolved oil paint base and NC paint.?

s using methanol v can manufagture n c thinner

Why you are using methanol in Karl fischer titration?

Karl Fischer titration was developed by Karl Fischer who was a chemist. He used methanol, which is an alcohol, to ascertain the amount of water in a system that contains excess sulfur dioxide. The methanol reacts with sulfur dioxide and a base that causes an oxidation reaction that consumes water.

Why Oxalic acid is stonger than malonic acid?

A strong acid has a stabilized conjugate base. Oxalic acid is stronger than malonic acid because its conjugate base has much more resonance structures than malonic acid's conjugate base.

Is methanol an amino acid?

No, methanol is not an acid.It is an alcohol because its molecular structure contains alcoholic functional group,i.e, OH.While acids contains COOH functional group.

Is CH3OH2 an acid?

The definition of a strong acid relatively is the stability of the conjugate base after deprotonation. The equilibruim lies far to the right of methanol (CH3OH). CH3OH2+== CH3OH