What is a substance's critical point?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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the temperature and pressure where the liquid state no longer exist is called the critical point

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Q: What is a substance's critical point?
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What do Vr and Vc represent in the study of thermodynamics?

Vc is the specific volume (volume per mole) at the critical point of a substance. Vr is the "reduced volume" which is equal to the specific volume divided by the critical volume. Vr = V/Vc Many thermodynamic models correlate behavior of different substances in terms of their reduced volume. The principle of corresponding states indicates that substances at equal reduced pressures and temperatures have equal reduced volumes. This relationship is approximately true for many substances, but becomes increasingly inaccurate for large values of Pr. (Where Pr = P/Pc and Pc is the pressure at the critical point.)

What is the point on a phase diagram at which all phases occur simultaneously is called the end point critical point boiling point melting point?

This is the critical point.

What is difference between critical temperature and boiling point?

difference between critical temp and boiling point

What is critical heat flux and what is its physical significance?

critical heat flux is the heat flux at critical point

What is the critical temperature and pressure of CCl4?

For example from hydrogen critical point (-239,85 0C) to lithium critical point (2 950 0C).

What does the critical point represent?

Critical point is also known as a critical state, occurs under conditions at which no phase boundaries exist. There are multiple types of critical points, including vapor-liquid critical points and liqui-liquid critical points.

How does density vary for a component at its critical point?

For a pure component the density difference between a liquid and gas approaches zero as the critical point is approached. By definition liquid and gaseous phases are indistinguishable (meaning no difference) at the critical point.

Principle of critical-point control?

In Control function of Management,Critical control point (CCP) is a point, step or procedure at which controls can be applied to the system (feedback or feedforward) and a disturbance can be prevented, eliminated or reduced to acceptable (critical) levels.

What substances the usual reference point for the density of other substances?

specific gravity

What is a critical control point when preparing a beef curry?

Which of the following is a critical control point when preparing a beef curry?

The rejection and non rejection regions are divided by the?

The rejection and non rejection regions are divided dividing point. critical value. point of no return. rejection value

What are critical and super critical boilers?

critical boiler operating steam parameter 221.12bar and 375 centigrate . you can rise in pressure and temperatureabove the critical point. that is called supercritical boiler.