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Biochemistry uses basic chemistry and organic chemistry principles in order to structurally analyze biological molecules and to explain and predict their interactions in the body. Example: certain proteins are denatured at higher temperatures because the increase of energy causes bonds to disassociate destroying their structure and rendering them useless.

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It is the study of the chemical reactions that occur in living organisms.

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Q: What is biochemistry in chemical science and in biological science?
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Is Biochemistry included in Biological sciences?

Yes, Biochemistry is a biological science. Whereas Biology deals with life, biochemistry deals with the chemical reactions that make life occur and sustain it.

What has the author Natanya Civjan written?

Natanya Civjan has written: 'Natural products in chemical biology' -- subject(s): Biochemistry, Natural products, Biological products, SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the branch of natural science or medical science?

biochemistry is in the life science branch

What are the related sciences of biological science?

astrobiology, biochemistry, genology, and microbiology.

What Scope of biochemistry?

the main scope of bio chemistry is that this use in for the walfare of humans for the detection of diseases

What are the related sciences to biological science?

Well there are many... Biomedical science, Biochemistry science, Biophysics. Just to name a few :)

What is biochemisrty?

biochemistry is the branch of science concerned with the chemical cocerned

What branch of science would investigate the chemical makeup of a food?


Definition of clinical-biochemistry?

Clinical biochemistry, also known as chemical pathology, clinical chemistry, or medical biochemistry, is clinical pathology with a focus on the analysis of body fluids.

What is the definition of 'pharmaceutical biochemistry'?

the study of the chemical substance and vital processes occuring in the living organisms, biological chemistry, physiological chemistry.

Did biochemistry evolve from biology and chemistry?

Yes; biochemistry is the study of biological molecules.

What the study of biological compounds?

This is an aspect of biochemistry.