What is carbolic acid for?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Carbolic acid is "phenol" based and was used as a disinfectant in hospitals.

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yes, carbolic acid are used in various antiseptic, disinfectant e.g

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it kills bacteria

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Q: What is carbolic acid for?
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Is carbolic acid an acid or base?

Carbolic acid is a weak acid.

What scientist invented carbolic acid?

what scientist invented carbolic acid

Can you get phenol from carbolic acid?

Carbolic acid is another name for Phenol.

Why is Carbolic Acid so dangerous?

Carbolic Acid is dangerous for many reasons. Carbolic Acid is dangerous because it is vapors that are harmful to one's skins, eyes, and respiratory system.

Which type of acid is carbolic acid?

organic acid

What was Victorian carbolic acid spray used for?

Carbolic acid is "phenol" based and was used as a disinfectant in hospitals.

Can hydrochloric acid react with carbolic acid?

No,Hydrochloric acid contains water while carbolic acid does not so they do not mix with each other and do not react.

What is the meaning of carbolic?

Did you try looking it up? lol. Well, if you really want to know without looking first, the meaning of carbolic has 2 definitions according to carbolic #1 - of or derived from carbolic acid (probably doesn't help you that much) carbolic #2 - Pertaining to, or designating, an acid derived from coal tar and other sources; as, carbolic acid (called also phenic acid, and phenol).

What can produce sinkholes cavern and formations?

Sinkholes and caverns are formed from carbolic acid. This carbolic acid dissolves rock which creates the spaces that form the sinkholes and caverns. The carbolic acid is created when carbon dioxide dissolves in water.

In which year was carbolic acid discovered?


Can carbolic acid be used on plants?

if its acid then yes [i think] but be careful

What is carbolic soap?

Soap to which the substance "phenol", also known as carbolic acid, has been added. It is a strong antiseptic.