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Boron, symbol B

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Q: What is element number five?
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If the atomic number of an element is five how many protons does the element have?

Five. The atomic number describes the number of protons in the nucleus of an Element. So the element with an atomic of number of 5, Boron, has 5 protons.

What element is Am?

Element Am is Americium. Americium is radioactive element number ninety five. I would not wanna mess with Americium

Which element has the atomic number of 5?

Boron has five protons.

Which element on the periodic table has an atomic number five?


What element has four protons four electrons and five neutrons?

Beryllium. The number of protons is the atomic number. So the element with 4 protons has the atomic number 4, which is beryllium.

What is element with five 3p electrons?

Chromium has an atomic number of 24, its last sublevel ends with 3d^6so therefore, Vanadium with the atomic number of 23 has a sublevel of 3d^5 (element with five, 3p electrons)

When was Five Element Ninjas created?

Five Element Ninjas was created in 1982.

What is the duration of Five Element Ninjas?

The duration of Five Element Ninjas is 1.75 hours.

What is the number of valence electrons the element boron?

Boron has 3 valence electrons out of five total electrons.

What is an atomic number of an element?

an atomic number of an element is the number of amount the element has

What is the atomic number of the element?

The atomic number of an element is the number of protons that the element has.

What element has a mass number of thirty-five?

Chlorine:Atomic number = 17Mass number = 35Number of protons = 17Number of electrons = 17Number of neutrons = 35-17 = 18

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