What is floc particles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Particles that have been coagulated and been brought together to form a larger agglomeration.

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Q: What is floc particles?
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What is floc in refrigeration oils?

Floc in refrigeration oil is wax that has separated out from oil containing parathene.

What is added to water to cause flocculation?

Electrolytes trap suspended particles by causing them to clump together and fall to the bottom of the tank as sediment. These clumps are called floc, and the process is called flocculation.

How does a flocculating agent work?

Small colloidal particles in water, surface hydration and charged them with the stability of flocculant added after the hydrolysis of charged colloidal water, ion composition and its surrounding double layer structure of micelles. With stirring quickly after dosing the way, increasing colloidal particles and flocculants in water impurities into the micelle hydrolysis of equal opportunities and the number of collisions. impurities in the water under the action of particles in the flocculent first to lose stability, and mutual integration of larger size particles coagulation, and then precipitate in the separation facilities down or floating up. flocculant to promote the rapid spread of the water and mixed with all the process wastewater is mixed. impurities in the water particles and flocculant effect, by compressing the electrical double layer in, and wait until the mechanisms of power, loss of stability, generates The process of micro particles called floc cohesion. condensate micro-floc particles generated in the bridge material and water and stir, through the bridge and sediment adsorption and other mechanisms of netting a large floc growth process is called flocculation. Mixing Flocculation together referred to as coagulation and flocculation, coagulation process is generally carried out in the coagulation pool.

Your pool does not have a to waste pump function. How do you get rid of the floc stuff on the bottom of your pool?

(Note : "floc" is the flakes that come out of colloidal suspension of pool chemicals.) You need to vacuum the floc from the bottom. However if you can't set your pool to waste, you can disconnect the pump hose from the pool and run it normally.

What is flocs?

Floc is the precipitant when s solute comes out of solution

What is the floc or pour point of refrigeration oils?

Floc point, also known as Freon floc point, is used to measure the performance and consistency of refrigeration oils. In order for the refrigeration system to function properly, the oil used should be compatible. Wax can separate when an oil solution is cooled with Freon. Once the wax is separated it is called flocculation and that is the reason it is called floc point.

Why is my pool cloudy?

Any particles in your pool can cause cloudiness - for example, dead algae. To eliminate it, most pool stores sell a "clarifier" - the one I sell is blue - which will get the particles out of your pool, or "alum" or "floc", which will bind the particles together, making them heavier, dropping them down to the bottom of your pool. You can then vacuum them out with your filter set to waste. If you have a DE filter, and you add a white powder to your skimmer sometimes, it is possible that your filter is leaking DE back into your pool and you need to replace the grids inside it.

What are the stages that water has to go through to be clean?

For drinking water the basic stages are1. Containment where water is pumped or directed from its source to a holding place.2. Screening where debris and large particles are removed.3. pH adjustment if the water is very acidic or alkaline4. Flocculation to remove turbidity (cloudiness) and clarify the water.5. Sedimentation to allow the floc to settle out6. Filtration to remove any remaining suspended particles and unsettled floc.7. Disinfection by filtering out microbes and adding chemicals to fill pathogens which pass through the filters.8. Fluoridation to add fluoride (in many places)9. Conditioning to reduce water hardness (if required)

The pressence of Pin floc and a rapidly setting sludge are indicators of what in waste water?

The organism such as protozoan and rotifers.

What are floc agents for swimming pools?

A floc agent is a chemical used for floccing a pool. Flocculation is the process of clumping up the solids in the pool water and any chemical in solution. The 'floc' will eventually sink to the bottom so that it can be vaccumed to waste. Commonly used in new pool start up procedures after pool is initially filled with water

What are probable causes of floating sludge in a clarifier?

Low rates ow WAS and RAS can cause sludge to float on secondary clarifiers. You should increase the rate of WAS and RAS.

What can be done to get rid of green algae in a pool that has balanced pH and alkalinity and has been repeatedly shocked?

I've actually answered my own question. For anyone who is curious, we used pool floc to treat the problem. Our pool is in an area with a lot of trees, and our problem wasn't algae at all (contrary to what numerous pool "professionals" told us). The greenness of our pool was caused by tree debris that was so fine it went right through the filter. We added floc, which causes all the debris to clump together and sink. Then we vacuumed to waste and our pool was perfect. The whole floc/vacuum process took 24 hours.