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The Process of Formation of Polymer from its Monomers is Called Polymerization.

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Q: What is it called when monomers form polymers?
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When monomers combine they form what?

Monomers hook up to form polymers. There is a link below that will lead you to the Wikipedia post on polymers.Water is also produced, this is a condensation reaction.

What do monomers form?


When monomers form to polymers what compound is removed?

In most biological polymers, it is water. This is called dehydration synthesis

What do monomers and polymers have to do with photosynthesis?

Monomers come together to form polymers through dehydration condensation and polymers split apart from monomers through hydrolysis.

What is the process by which monomers link together to form polymers?

That's called polymerization.

When monomers are together what do they form?


A large molecule synthesized from many monomers is called a what?

they are called polymers

Chain of monomers that are chemically bonded together?

A chain of monomers is called a polymer, if it is sufficiently long. (We'd probably say something like trimer if there were only three.) Polymers can be formed by electrophilic addition, for instance polythene, or condensation, for instance a protein.

What monomers may be bonded together to form polymers?

Monomers can only for with basically organic compounds to form polymers. In short they can only bond with organic compounds to for polymers

when monomers are joined together what do they form?

Monomers joined together make a polymer.

What mean polymerise?

Polymers are chemical substances which are made up from smaller units, called monomers. The reaction of joining these monomers to form this larger unit is called polymerisation. (monomers polymerise into polymers). The subunits, or polymers, are typical of the chemical substances. For example, the monomers of proteins are amino acids, monomers of carbohydrates are monosaccharides, monomers of nucleic acids are nucleotides. The reaction itself, by what these monomers are joining together, is a dehydration or condensation reaction.

The individual molecules that make up polymers are called?

The smaller molecules that make up polymers are called monomers.