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Water molecules has the property of being a dipole, which practically means the oxygen atom has a greater attraction of the electrons that the hydrogen atoms. This results in making the oxygen atom fairly negativly charged, while the hydrogen fairly positive. This gives the water molecule one positive end, and one negativ end, and the ability to bind up with themselves, (+)end of one molecule to (-)end of another.

We call these bonds Hydrogen bonds.

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I assume you are reffering to hydrogen bonding.

a water molecule has polarity indicated by delta positive or delta negative (d+, d-) where the oxygen atom is d- and the two hydrogens are d+. If for example you have two water molecules a hydrogen bond could form between a hydrogen of one atom and the oxygen of the other since the d- is attracted to the d+. Hydrogen bonds are relativly weak, however when many are combined this interaction between two substances can be very strong.

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because they are both water and they have the capacity bind together bacause ther the sama substance that can easily be combined...

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hydrogen bonds

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Q: What is it when a water molecule is binding to another water molecule?
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