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Orbital overlapis a concept used in theories of the chemical bond. It refers to the concentration of orbitals on adjacent atoms in the same region(s) of space, which can lead to bond formation. The importance of orbital overlap was emphasized by Linus Paulingto explain the molecular bond anglesobserved through experimentation and is the basis for the concept of orbital hybridisation.sorbitals are spherical and have no directionality whileporbitals are oriented 90° to one another. A theory was needed therefore to explain why molecules such as methane(CH4) had observed bond angles of 109.5°. [ 1 ]Pauling proposed that s and p orbitals on the carbon atom can combine to form hybrids (sp3in the case of methane) which are directed toward the hydrogen atoms. The carbon hybrid orbitals have greater overlap with the hydrogen orbitals, and can therefore form stronger C-H bonds. [source:wikipedia]

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Q: What is meant by the term orbital overlap?
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Indicate how bonding is explained in term of molecular orbitals?

When two atoms combine, the overlap of their atomic orbitals produces molecular orbitals. An atomic orbital belongs to a particular atom, whereas a molecular orbital belongs to a molecule as a whole. Much like an atomic orbital, two electrons are required to fill a molecular orbital. A bonding orbital is a molecular orbital occupied by the two electrons of a covalent bond

Ethyne C2H2 contains one carbon - carbon triple bond What is the best description of this bond?

Overlap of one sp2 hybrid orbital on each atom to form a sigma bond and a p orbital on each atom to form a pi bond.

Linear overlap of two atomic p-orbital leads to?

Formation of Covalent Bond.

How many sigma bond orbitals are available for overlap with the vacant p orbital in methyl cation?

In methyl cation (CH3+), there are three sigma bond orbitals available for overlap with the vacant p orbital. These sigma bond orbitals originate from the three C-H bonds in the methyl group.

The quantum mechanical model of bonding assumes that atomic orbitals overlap and produce?

molecular orbital

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An ethyl cation is more stable because the carbon adjacent to the positively charged carbon has three sigma bond orbitals available for overlap with the vacant p orbital, whereas methyl cation does not have any sigma bond orbitals available for overlap with the vacant p orbital.

What type of bonding is present between C and H with C2H4?

Covalent, due to overlap of sp2 hybrid on C with s orbital on H.