What is tellurium used for?

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Tellurium is used in alloys, such as steel and copper, to improve machinability. Tellurium is also used in solar panels, semiconductor material, and for coloring glass.

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Q: What is tellurium used for?
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How is tellurium used in everyday life?

Tellurium is found in gold, therefore it is used to make gold.

What is the chemical element called Tellurium used for?

The chemical element called "Tellurium" is used in creating alloys such as steel and copper to improve machine ability. You can learn more about Tellurium at the Wikipedia.

What are the important uses of tellurium?

Tellurium is a by product of copper and lead and is also used to color ceramics

What element can be used to tint glass?


How is tellurium used?

Tellurium is used as a base or a basic ingredient for some processing and products. A couple of things it can do are control chill and help decrease lead's sulfuric acid corrosion.

What is the importance of tellurium?

Tellurium is widely used, for instance in the production of stainless steels, solar panels and glass fibre. Please see the link.

Is the element tellurium harmfull?

tellurium is not harmfull. it is used im lead copper gold tin and to color glass and make meatel stainless

Is tellurium toxic?

Tellurium has some toxicity.

What element has 52 protons and 76 neutrons?

tellurium The element that has 52 protons is tellurium, and the isotope of tellurium that has 76 neutrons is tellurium-128.

Where can the element tellurium be seen and used in the world?

Tellurium is very rarely found on earth. It is occasionally found in native form as elemental crystals such as quartz and sylvanite. Tellurium is primarily used in copper and steel alloys, but it can also substitute sulfur and selenium for aiding fungi in amino acids.

What group is tellurium in?

tellurium is in group 16 for sure :)

What is the old name of tellurium?

Tellurium was the first name.

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