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The KB expression for aniline c6h5nh2 is:

For C6H5NH2 + H2O >< C6H5NH3+ + OH-Kb = 4.3 x (10 ^ -10) = [C6H5NH3+][OH-] / [C6H5NH2]

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Q: What is the KB expression for aniline c6h5nh2?
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What is the KB expression for aniline?

The KB expression for aniline c6h5nh2 is: For C6H5NH2 + H2O &gt;&lt; C6H5NH3+ + OH-Kb = 4.3 x (10 ^ -10) = [C6H5NH3+][OH-] / [C6H5NH2]

What are the cation and anion for aniline (C6H5NH2)?

The cation would be C6H5NH3+ and the anion would be C6H5NH-

Why aniline is weaker base than methylamine?

Since tha pka of the aniline ion is equal to 4.6, the anilinium ion is a stronger acid than the methylaminium ion, and aniline (c6h5nh2) is a weaker base than methylamine (ch3nh2).

What is the condensed structural formula of Aniline?

resoance can be defined as stability of various structures with respect toeach other.

What is the balance equation for the reaction of aniline with HCL?

Anthracene is a hydrocarbon with chemical formula C14H10. When it undergoes complete combustion it forms water vapour and carbon dioxide. 2 C14H10 + 33 O2 &acirc;&dagger;&rsquo; 10 H2O + 28 CO2

Why are aniline derivatives used in haircoloring and what are they?

Aniline derivatives are derivatives of aniline (phenylamine, C6H5NH2). Aniline is used in an incredibly wide variety of chemical products. You may have heard of the chemical company BASF; the "A" stands for aniline, which is an indication of how important that single compound is to the chemical industry. (The "S" stands for "soda", i.e. sodium hydroxide, another important raw material.) Among other things, it can be used to produce an enormous number of different highly colored materials that can be used as dyes. It's hardly surprising that some of them might be used in hair coloring.

How do you Prepare sulphanilic acid from phenyl amine?

To aniline, we add Sulphuric acid at 180.C. This will give us Sulphanilic acid. C6H5NH2+H2SO4--------&gt;C6H5 NH3+HSO4-------455 to 475.K-----&gt; C6H5NH2SO3H &lt;=&gt;C6H5NH3+SO3- (zwitter ion)

What is the difference between Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point?

There is no any such difference between Aniline point and mixed Aniline point . . . . .

What is formula of aniline?

The chemical fomula of aniline is C6H7N.

Is aniline soluble in ether?

Aniline (phenylamine) is only slightly soluble in water (3.6g/mL @ 20C). This is a volatile amine. It would be similar to trying to mix benzene with water, or any other typical household solvent/degreaser with water. You would see a separation of the liquids into layers.

What is an aniline?

An aniline is an aromatic amine, synthesized by the reduction of nitrobenzene.

What is the chemical formula of aniline hydrochloride?

The formula of aniline is C6H7N and the formula of ethanol is C2H5OH.