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The 13 letter word is Contaminating - the act of making impure or unit for use

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Q: What is the act of making impure or unfit for use?
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What is a 13 letter word that means the act of making impure or unfit for use?


Why do resources need to be processed?

most resources are impure and unfit for use. they have to processed to produce consumable goods.

Impure use in a sentence please?

The water was impure because it had loads of mud in it.

How can you use unfit in a sentence?

Because of his criminal record, he was unfit for this position in the company.

How can you use the word impure in a sentence?

The soul of the sinner was impure. (I know it sounds religious, but that's all I could think of )

What is the act of making land suitable for human use?


How do you use impure in a sentence?

A refinery will pay less for impure gold than pure gold.

What advantage does an impure mixture have over pure substance?

Generally an impure material is cheaper than a pure material; the word advantage is not so adequate here - can use pure or impure, this depends on the specific applications.

What is impure water?

The term "impure blood" is not medical in nature. The only context in which I've heard it used is when racist people refer to anyone whose ethnicity is different from his or her own as having "impure blood". So, in the eyes of the people who actually use this term, being born to the wrong parents causes impure blood. Sometimes "impure blood" can mean the deoxygenated blood that the veins transport from the rest of the body to the heart as opposed to the oxygenated blood that arteries transport from the heart to the rest of the body. In fewer words, "impure blood" is a term that can be used to refer to blood without oxygen.

How do you use electrolysis in a sentence?

Then use electrolysis to transfer all the copper from the impure anode to the cathode.

Why impure iron staright from the blast isn't much use than bendy?


Does filtration result in a pure liquid or impure liquid?

it results in an impure liquid because filtration only filters out the sediments in the liquid. To obtain pure liquid you must use the distillation process