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"I read somewhere that Hermesetas uses a blend of Ace K and Aspartame."

That's for Hermesetas GOLD. Regular Hermesetas is Saccharine

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Q: What is the active agent in hermesetas?
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What is the active ingredient in hermesetas it's cyclamate isn't it?

yes. In Hermesetas you can find - cyclamate : banned in the US since 1970 - saccharine : also with negative side effects on health (1) (1) See the answer to the question about cyclamate side effects in this bebsite

Where in the US can I purchase Hermesetas?

Hermesetas is a brand of sweetener that is widely available for purchase online. It can be found on websites like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, as well as on the official Hermesetas website. Additionally, some specialty grocery stores or health food stores may carry Hermesetas products.

Do hermesetas have any side effects?

i have come out in a rash all over my body can it be related to hermesetas i took it for the first time yesterday?

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Do hermesetas contain aspartame?

The Hermesetas website says that Hermesetas Gold DOES contain a blend of ASPARTAME and something else! So it issomething to weigh up when considering the question of just what products contain apartame.

What stores in North Carolina can you purchase Hermesetas?

There does not appear to be really any stores in North Carolina that sell Hermesetas. The best option would be to purchase from a speciality store or online at Amazon.

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