What is the anion in SrCl2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sr2+ would be the cation and 2 Cl- would be the anions.

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Q: What is the anion in SrCl2?
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Is SrCl2 a cation or anion?

neither. it is a compound

Is SrCl2 an acidic basic or neutral?

Strontium chloride, SrCl2, is an ionic compound, and is neutral.

What has primarily ionic bonding a srcl2 b no2 cbr2 d ph3?


Is the formula SrCl2 a correct compound?

Chemical formula SrCl2 is for strontium chloride.

Is SrCL2 a metal or non-metal elements?

SrCl2 is a compound and not a metal or non-metal. SrCl2 is made from a metal, strontium, Sr, and a non-metal, chlorine, Cl.

If Solutions of SrCl2 and NaOH are mixed the result is a precipitate of?

SrCl2 + 2NaOH --> 2NaCl + SR(OH)2

What is the molarity of a solution that contains 12.2 grams of SrCl2 dissolved in 2500 milliliters of solution?

Molarity = moles of solute/liters of solution 2500 milliliters = 2.5 liters ------------------------------------ 12.2 grams SrCl2 (1 mole SrCl2/158.52 grams) = 0.07696 moles strontium chloride -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so, Molarity = 0.07696 moles SrCl2/2.5 liters = 3.07 X 10 -2 M SrCl2 -------------------------------------

What is the chemical for strontium chloride?


What is the Strontium Chloride formula?


What does SrCl2 mean?

Sr = Strontium Cl = Chlorine So, SrCl2 = Strontium Chloride Strontium is covalently bonded to 2 Chlorine atoms.

Which compounds are ionic CO2 SrCl2 H2S or SO2?

Ionic compounds occur between atoms of a metal and a non-metal therefore: CO2 would not, SrCl2 would, H2S would not and SO2 would not. Only SrCl2 would be an ionic compound.

What color of flame does SrCl2 produce?