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Formula: HCOOCH3

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Formula : CH2

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Q: What is the chemical formula of methylene?
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What is the chemical symbol for methylene chloride?

The "symbol" for a compound is properly called a chemical formula, and for methylene chloride it is CH2Cl2.

Do C3H6 and CH2 have different empirical formulas?

C3H6 is the chemical formula of propylene and CH2 is the chemical formula of the group methylene or carbene.

What is the chemical formula for methyline?

You think probable to methylone - C11H13NO3 or methylene - CH2.

What is the formula mass of methylene chloride?

The formula for methylene chloride is CH2Cl2

Structural formula for methylene chloride?


What is the scientific name for CH2CL2?

Dichloromethane, Methylene chloride, methylene dichloride

What is the formula mass for methylene chloride?

The molecular mass number of methylene chloride is 50.5 g/mol.

Chemical sometimes used to make the specimen visible on a microscope?

Methylene blue is an example.

What is the molecular formula of the compound CH2 with molar mass equals 168?

1. CH2 is the chemical formula of the radical methylene. The structure is H-C-H. 2. The molar mass of CH2 is approx. 14; 168 is an error.

How did methyl violet methyl blue and methylene blue come to be called this name?

The "methyl" and "methylene" come from their chemical structures. Something that has "methyl" in its name contains a methyl group - CH3. A common chemical like this is methyl alcohol - CH3OH. The methylene group is CH2. The blue and violet? That's what color they are.

How can methylene blue change the solute potential of the cell?

Methylene blue is a membrane-permeable dye that can enter the cell and bind to cellular components, such as proteins and nucleic acids. This binding can alter the osmotic properties of the cell and affect its solute potential. Methylene blue can also disrupt the electron transport chain in mitochondria, leading to changes in cellular metabolism and solute potential.

What is a methylene blue?

It is a chemical compound that has a variety of uses- mostly used in Biology labs