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The chemical symbol of tellurium is Te.

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Q: What is the chemical symbol for 'tellurium'?
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What chemical symbol is Te?

tellurium :)

This element's chemical symbol is Te?


Te is the symbol for?


What is the elemental symbol for tellurium?


What chemical reaction does tellurium do?


What is the chemical element called Tellurium used for?

The chemical element called "Tellurium" is used in creating alloys such as steel and copper to improve machine ability. You can learn more about Tellurium at the Wikipedia.

What is the chemical name for C2Te4?

This is a tellurium carbide.

What is the chemical formula for lithium tellurium?


What is the chemical formula for potassium tellurium?

Chemical formula for Potassium tellurium is K2Te - theivendran p, Jr. Asst (P&D) Pondicherry University

What is the chemical formula for tellurium trioxide?

Formula: TeO3

What is TeI2?

this may refer to the chemical compound tellurium diiode (tellurium(II) iodide) which is only known in the gas phase.

What does Te mean on the periodic table?

Te is the symbol for the element Tellurium