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sodium phosphate


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Q: What is the compound that forms between sodium ion and phosphate polyatomic ion?
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Is Na3PO4 ionic compound?

It is an ionic compound composed of positively charged sodium ions and a negatively charged phosphate ion.

What is the name of the compound Na3PO3?

Sodium phosphide

What is the name of the formula NaH2PO4?

Those are chemical formulas. NH4 is the ammonium polyatomic ion, and PO4 is the phosphate polyatomic ion. Ammonium has a +1 charge and phosphate has a -3 charge.

What is the name of Na3PO3?

The compound with formula Na3PO4 is named "sodium phosphate", "trisodium phosphate", "sodium ortho-phosphate", or "trisodium ortho-phosphate".

What is the chemical formula for sodium and phosphate?

sodium is Na phosphate is PO43- again, if you meant to ask the formula of the compound sodium phosphate it is Na3PO4

Is Na2HPO4 a binary ionic compound?

Sodium dihydrogen phosphate or Sodium dihydrogen ortho phosphate.

What is the formula for compound Na4PO4?

Sodium phosphate

Is sodium perbromate a polyatomic ion?

Sodium perbromate is not a polyatomic ion. It is an ionic compound formed by combining sodium (Na +1 ) ions with perbromate ions (BrO4 -1). Perbromate by itself would be a polyatomic ion.

What is the Difference between betamethasone and betamethasone sodium phosphate?

Betamethasone sodium phosphate is a short acting compound whereas Betamethasone acetate is a long acting compound. The salts for these compounds are different. The sodium phosphate solubilizes MUCH quicker than the acetate, giving them the short/long acting characteristics (respectively).

Which polyatomic ion is found in the compound represented by the formula NaHCO3?

HCO3- is the polyatomic ion with which sodium bonds. It is the bicarbonate ion.

Is sodium phosphate a organic or inorganic compound?


What is the name of the compound with the formula Na3PO?

Sodium Phosphate