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The hybridization of the carbon atom in the carbonate ion is to have three orbitals on the carbon atom that will be used to form sigma bonds.

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2014-10-19 13:12:03
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Q: What is the hybridization of the carbon atom in the carbonate ion?
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What is the hybridization in c03?

The central carbon atom in the carbonate, CO32- , ion is sp2 hybridised. The ion is planar with a bond angle of 120 0.

What is the bond angle for carbonate ion?

Carbonate ion is in a trigonal planar shape (hint: sp2 hybridization)

What is one carbon atom and three oxygen atoms?

CO3-2 is the carbonate ion.

How many protons does a carbonate ion have?

Molecular formula for a carbonate ion: (CO3)-2 A carbonate ion has 30 protons (6 are from the carbon atom and 8*3 are from the three oxygen atoms) and 32 electrons.

How many atoms make up carbonate ion?

The chemical formula for a carbonate ion is CO32-. This means that there is one atom of carbon and three oxygen atoms, so there are four atoms.

What is inside calcium carbonate?

Calcium ions (Ca 2+), and carbonate ions (CO3 2-). A carbonate ion is made up of a carbon atom surrounded by 3 oxygen atoms.

Does carbonate have calcium carbonate in it?

No. The carbonate ion contains only carbon and oxygen. Since it is a negative ion, it must combine with some positive ion. If that positive ion is calcium, you get calcium carbonate.

What is the valency of a carbonate ion?

According to me the valency of carbon is 2 Actually.. the valency of a carbonate ion (not carbon alone) is 2- and the valency on carbon is 4

Is graphite a carbonate?

No, it is made our of pure carbon. A carbonate contains both carbon and oxygen, usually in the carbonate (CO32-) ion.

What is the formula for carbon carbonate?

A carbon carbonate don't exist. Thew ion carbonate is CO3-; a metal carbonate has the chemical formula MeCO3.

How many protons does carbon ion have?

how many protons does the carbonate ion have?

Does carbonate contain silicate?

No. A carbonate ion consists of carbon and oxygen. A silicate ion consists of silicon and oxygen.

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