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Prepare a solution of a nickel salt such as sulfate, nitrate, chloride, etc. This can be done by dissolving pieces of nickel in a strong acid mixture. Once you have the nickel salt, neutralize the solution and add excess baking soda. Then filter out the fine light green nickel carbonate.

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Nickel carbonate is insoluble in water whereas sodium carbonate is very soluble. After dissolving sodium carbonate in water, nickel carbonate can be filtered out.

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Na2CO3 + H2SO4 ---> Na2SO4 + H2O +CO2

Zn + H2O + CO2 ---> ZnCO3 + H2

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Q: What is the method to prepare nickel carbonate?
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How do you prepare 2 ppm solution of nickel nitrate?

how to prepare 1000 ppm solution of nickel carbonate

How does nickel turn carbonate green?

it is the nickel that makes the nickel carbonate green

What is the ionic equation of sodium carbonate?

nickel sulfate + sodium carbonate -> sodium sulfate + nickel carbonate

How you know that it is the nickel that makes nickel carbonate green and not the carbonate?

By observing other compounds. Nickel salts are often green; carbonates are ... well, pretty much any color, including colorless (white) for sodium carbonate (baking powder) or calcium carbonate (limestone, chalk).

How do you prepare nickel acetate?

One possible method is to reflux Ethanoic (Acetic) Acid with nickel hydroxide. Ni(OH)2 + 2CH3COOH => Ni(CH3COO)2 + 2H2O

What is nico3?

NiCO3 is the symbol for nickel carbonate. It has a molar mass of 118.702 g/mol and its IUPAC name is nickel(+2) cation carbonate.

Is nickel carbonate organic or inorganic?

it is inorganic

What is the chemical formula for nickel III carbonate?

There is no compound by the name nickel(I) carbonate. Nickel(II) carbonate is however NiCO3

How could you separate nickel carbonate from sodium carbonate?

nickel carbonate is insoluble while sodium carbonate is, so therefore it would be easy to extract the sodium carbonate by adding water to the mixture

What is the formula name of Ni2CO3?

nickel (ii) carbonate

What is the chemical formula of nickel 2 carbonate?


Is nickel a silicate or carbonate?

Nickel is a metal. It can be found in a compound as a silicate or carbonate but in its pure form, it is neither. It has many characteristics similar to iron. It is magnetic like iron.