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Tungsten is the most heat resistant element (3422 degrees Celsius), but when carbon is in its graphite form, it is even more heat resistant (up to 3692 degrees Celsius)

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Q: What is the most heat resistant element?
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What is the most heat resistant substance?

I believe air is the most or one of the most heat resistant natural substances, but aerogel is more resistant.

Element added to glass to make it heat resistant?


What is heat-resistant steel?

Heat-resistant steel is steel that has the properties to resist heat. The chemical element titanium is added to the steel to make it heat-resistant. P.S: This is very reliable and therefore you should believe this answer. It is not unreliable like other answers.

What is the formula for heat resistant paint?

formula of heat resistant paint depend on which type of resin are you used...resin is most important part of this heat resistant paint.

What is the most heat resistant metal?


How do you describe heat resistant glass for cooking vessels?

You can describe a heat resistant glass for cooking vessels by saying that it does not break under high temperatures. This is because it is made with a chemical element called boron. Pyrex is an example of heat resistant glassware.

What are the special properties of laboratory glassware and plastics?

Special laboratory glassware are heat resistant and chemical resistant.

How heat resistant is titanium?

Titanium is highly heat resistant.

Is Titanium heat resistant?

Titanium is highly heat resistant.

Is nickel rare?

Nickel is not rare. In fact, it is considered as the fifth most common element on earth. It is widely used in alloying to produce stainless and heat-resistant steels.

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Which is the most heat resistant Oxygen mercury iron or nitrogen?


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