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Q: What is the orbital molecular diagram of N3-?
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Why molecular orbital diagram is different for nitrogen and fluorine?

estoy bien gracias

How do you check paramagnetism and diamagnetism?

First make the m.o (molecular orbital) diagram. If the electrons are paired in an orbital then it is diamagnetic . If the electrons are not paired then it is paramagnetic.

What is a molecular orbital diagram?

An orbital diagram is used to show how the orbitals of a subshell areoccupied by electrons. The two spin projections are given by arrowspointing up (ms =+1/2) and down (ms = -1/2). Thus, electronicconfiguration 1s22s22p1 corresponds to the orbital diagram:

What does an orbital diagram?

A molecular orbital diagram or MO diagram for short is a qualitative descriptive tool explaining chemical bonding in molecules in terms of molecular orbital theory in general and the Linear combination of atomic orbitals molecular orbital method (LCAO method) in particular. This tool is very well suited for simple diatomic molecules such as dihydrogen, dioxygen and carbon monoxide but becomes more complex when discussing poly nuclear molecules such as methane. It explains why some molecules exist and not others, how strong bonds are, and what electronic transitions take place.

How does a molecular orbital differ from an atomic orbital?

Molecular consists of multiple atomic orbitals

Indicate how bonding is explained in term of molecular orbitals?

When two atoms combine, the overlap of their atomic orbitals produces molecular orbitals. An atomic orbital belongs to a particular atom, whereas a molecular orbital belongs to a molecule as a whole. Much like an atomic orbital, two electrons are required to fill a molecular orbital. A bonding orbital is a molecular orbital occupied by the two electrons of a covalent bond

What is a molecular orbital vs an atomic orbital?

according to MOT each energy level can be occupied by 2 electrons which must have opposite spins these pairs of electrons considered to occupy molecular orbital. so molecular orbital is formed from the overlap of the atomic orbitals of the atoms making up the bond.

What is delocalized molecular orbital?

A delocalised molecular orbital is one that extends across more than 2 atomic centres.

What is the f orbitals diagram?

orbital diagram for F

Molecular orbital that can be occupied by two electrons of a covalent bond?

The answer is bonding orbital.

What is a molecular orbital?

A cloud of electrons orbit an atom and its nucleus.

What is the disadvantages of molecular orbital approach?

according to molecular orbital theory{MOT} O+ has bond order 2.5 and O has bond order 2 but actually O is more stable than O+.