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i know wolfie is a guy called Felix Drake a friend of mine

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The main characters from "Tracy Beaker" and "The Dumping Ground" series are portrayed by Dani Harmer (Tracy Beaker), Nia Jermin (Justine Littlewood), Montanna Thompson (Justine's best friend, Carmen Howle), Chelsie Padley (Louise Govern), Ben Hanson (Bouncer Plakova), Connor Byrne (Duke Ellington), Lisa Coleman (Camilla Lawson), Ciaran Joyce (Charlie Ellis), Luke Youngblood (Ben Batambuze), Joe Starrs (Maxy King), Craig Roberts (Rio Wellard), Elliott Kerley (Ben 'Benny' Hutton), Hollie Chapman (Adele Azupadi) and Charlotte Francis (Elaine Boyak).

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Q: What is the reall names of all the Tracy beaker characters?
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