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the shape is bent and the bond angle is approximately 120

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Q: What is the shape and bond angle of NOCl?
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What are the approximate bond angles in this substance NOCL?

NOCl nitrosyl chloride has a Cl-N=O bond angle of 1130

What is the bond angle and molecular shape of silicon disulfide?

Molecular shape= linear bond angle = 180 degrees

What is the shape and bond angles for iodine?

the shape is linear and the bond angle is 180 degree

What is the shape and bond angle of sodium sulfate?

The sulfate ion is tetrahedral, bond angle around 109 0

What is the bond angle for a linear shape?

It is a straight angle, in other words, 180 degrees.

What is the bond mangle of SF3?

SF3 is a radical, and the bond angle has not been determined. SF4 has a see-sawshape with a bond angle of 101.6 0 SF6 has an undistorted octahedral shape with a bond angle of 90 0.

What is Bond angle structure and shape for propane?

butane is a member of alkane family.its bond angle that is between a and a hydrogen bond is 109.5 degree approx. and its geometry is tetrahedral,i.e, four cournered shape.

What is the shape and bond angle for sulfate ion?

109.5 degrees, tetrahedral

What is oxygen dibromide molecular shape?

Oxygen Dibromide would have a Linear shape, with a bond angle of 180o.

Will pcl3 have the same shape as bcl3?

No,pcl3 has one lone pair and three bonded pair , shape of trigonal pyramidal with a bond angle of 107 degrees whereas bcl3 has 3 bonded pairs and no lone pairs , shape of trigonal planar with the bond angle of 120 degrees.

What is the shape bond angle and hybridization of plus CH3?

CH3 is a trigonal planar and has a hybridization of sp3

What is the approximate bond angle for a molecule with a trigonal planar shape?

For a truly trigonal planar molecule the bond angles are 120 0 exactly.