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Disulfide oil is composed of two hdrocarbon molecules tied together by two sulfur atoms. The general formula is RSSRWhere R is any hydrocarbon, and includes the appropriate number of hydrogens to complete the hydrocarbon.

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Q: What is the structure formula of disulfide oil?
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Formula of carbon disulfide?

Carbon disulfide is CS2

Is carbon disulfide and disulfide oil the same?


What is the chemical formula for silicion disulfide?

Formula: SiS2

What is the chemical formula of silicon disulfide?

Formula: SiS2

What is the chemical formula for Boron disulfide?

Formula: BS2

What is the formula for Carbon disulfide?


What is the carbon disulfide formula?


What the formula for carbon disulfide?

the chemical formula for carbon disulfide is CS2.

What is the chemical formula for Silicon Disulfide?


Can disulfide oil be mixed with fuel oil?

Mixing disulfide oil with fuel oil without further sulfur treating is potentially undesireable as combustion leads to the production of sulfur-containing pollutants. Disulfide oils are generally produced as byproducts of gas sweetening--a process where sulfur is removed from liquid petroleum gas (LPG). Separating disulfide oil into hydrocarbons (oil) and sulfur (disulfide) requires hydrotreating. After hydrotreating, the hydrocarbons can be blended with other fuel oils.

What is the decomposition of disulfide oil?

The decomposition of disulfide oil involves the oxidization of mercaptans into disulfides. The disulfides then separate from the extract as an oily layer.

What is SiS2?

SiS2 is the chemical formula of silicon disulfide.