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Sugare from a watery sweet mixture is just sugar (dissolved in water).

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Q: What is the sugar from a watery sweet mixture?
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How do you separate sugar from pepper?

Add the mixture into water and stir to dissolve the sugar. Pour the watery mixture into another container, using a paper filter to catch the pepper. If you would like to have the sugar back into solid form, simply evaporate the water.

How would you separate a mixture of sugar and salt?

well, i think you lick it. The salt tastes salty, and the sugar tastes sweet. Isn't that simple?

Why does sugar disappear ina liquid but yet the sweet taste remains?

It just dissolves into the mixture and becomes part of it.

What do you make when you dissolve sugar in water?

You have made sweet water. It is a mixture of sugar and water. It can be separated back into sugar and water by evaporating the water, since there is no chemical change. Add a teabag and make sweet tea.

What are the characteristics of sugar in water?

sugary and watery

Why sucrose is so sweet?

It is a sugar and sugar is sweet.

Sweetend tea is a type of mixture called what?

Sweet tea would be considered a homogeneous mixture. Tea is a homogenous mixture since it is uniform and constant. It is also a solution because of the dissolved sugar in it.

What happens when sugar is mixed with warm water what is the mixture called?

Sourdough starter. It has to sit a week or so to be usable. Sugar syrup? If you add some Lipton's, you've got sweet tea! A sugar solution.

What is the homophone for sugar?

The word "sugar" doesn't have a homophone. Sugar may be described as sweet, and suite is a homophone for sweet.

What kind of mixture formed with mayonnaise and water?

That would be watery mayo

Is sugar a heterogeneous mixture or is it a homogeneous mixture?

Sugar is a compound, a pure substance, as it only contains sucrose.

Is sugar a compound or a hetergeneous mixture or a homogeneous mixture?

Sugar is a compound