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The reaction is:
Zn + HCl = ZnCl2 + H2
The volume of hydrogen ia 1,7 L.

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11 g of ZnCl2

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Q: What is the total volume of hydrogen gas produced with 5.00 grams of zinc react with HCl?
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What gas is produced when metals react with an acid?


What gas is produced when a metal and water react?

Hydrogen. For example: Iron + water = rust + Hydrogen - Fe + (2)O2 = FeO2 + H2

What gas is produced when rubidium and water react?


What is the gas produced when metals react with acids?


What is produced when hydrogen and oxygen react?

Hydrogen and oxygen undergo combination reaction to form water.When hydrogen and oxygen react together, water is formed.

When 0.1 mol of calcium reacts with 880 g of water 2.24 L of hydrogen gas form at STP How would the amount of hydrogen produced change if the volume of water was decreased to 440 mL?

The volume of hydrogen produced would stay the same because there is already plenty of water needed to react with 0.1 mol of Calcium.

How many liters of hydrogen are produced when 117 grams of potassium react with water?

117(g K) * [1.008(g/mol H) / 39.098(g/mol K)] = 3.02 gram hydrogen

What is the limiting reactant when 3.14g of nitrogen react with 2.79g of hydrogen to produce ammonia and how many grams of ammonia are produce?

Nitrogen is the limiting reactant and 4.15g of ammonia are produced.

Does magneciumand aluminum give off hydrogen?

Hydrogen is produced when Al or Mg is allow to react with acids. Hydrogen is produced in the reactions of aluminum with sodium hydroxide but not with Mg (the reaction of Al with NaOH is used for the determination of aluminum in some alloys and mixtures, measuring the volume of hydrogen evolved.) with hot water Mg produces hydrogen but Al does not

What is produced when acids react with some metals?

Hydrogen gas is produced when acids react with some metals. Protons are reduced as the metal is oxidized.

What is produced when magnesium and water react?

Magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen gas

How many grams of water are produced when 300 grams of hydrogen react with an unlimited amount of oxygen?

The atomic mass of hydrogen is 1.008 and the molecular mass of water, with formula H2O, is 18.015. Therefore, the mass of hydrogen to that of water has the ratio of 2(1.008)/18.015 = about 0.1119, and the answer to the problem is 300/0.1119 = 2.68 X 103 grams, to the justified number of significant digits.