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carbon and oxygen = carbon dioxide

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Q: What is the word equation for the reaction between carbon and excess oxygen?
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What is the word equation for the reaction of carbon with excess oxygen?

ce o2

What is the balanced equation for zinc hydroxide react with excess sodium hydroxide?

There is no reaction between zinc hydroxide and sodium hydroxide.

What is the equation of magnesium nitrate with an excess of sodium phosphate to make sodium nitrate and magnesium phosphate.?

no reaction

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of excess acetic anhydride with water?

(CH3CO)2O + H2O → 2 CH3CO2H

What element should be use to balance an equation with the 2 end product is carbon dioxide an water an a compound containing 3 atoms an 8 atoms of hydrogen?

The element used is Carbon and the compound thus formed is propane. By burning propane in excess of air, the end products are carbon dioxide and water. The balanced chemical equation for the above reaction is : C3H8 + 5O2 -------> 3CO2 + 4H2O

How many moles of carbon dioxide will be formed upon the complete reaction of 22.2 grams of carbon with excess oxygen gas?

Balanced equation. C + O2 -> CO2 22.2 grams carbon (1 mole C/12.01 grams)(1 mole CO2/1 mole C) = 1.85 moles carbon dioxide produced -------------------------------------------------

What kind of reaction is a neutralization reaction?

An acid-base reaction that leaves no excess H+ or OH-

Word equation for combustion of pentane in plenty of air?

Pentane reacts with the oxygen in an excess of air to form five molecules of carbon dioxide and six molecules of water from each molecule of pentane; substantial heat is released by the reaction.

Word equation for the combustion of carbon?

In excess Oxygen, C + O2 -----> CO2 If there's a lack of Oxygen, 2C + O2 -----> 2CO

Need help with balanced equations 1 Balanced euation showing how strontium reacts with nitrogen 2 Balanced equation showing how indium reacts with oxygen?

The reaction between strontium and nitrogen gas (which has the formula N2) produces strontium nitride, which has the formula Sr3N2. The balanced equation is: 3Sr + N2 -> Sr3N2. If there is an excess of oxygen available, the balanced equation for reaction between indium and oxygen is: 4 In + 3 O2 -> 2 In2O3.

How many grams of carbon dioxide are produced when 23.5 g of propanol react with excess oxygen in a combustion reaction?

51.4 - 51.8

What is excess carbon in the blood?

and i no how ?

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