What is theoretical oxygen demand?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The calculated amount of oxygen required to oxidized a compound to its final oxidation products . The organic matter of sewage is mainly composed of carbohydrats , protein, fats,and products of their decomposition . If the chemical formulaeof the organic matter are called as theoretical oxygen demand can be calculatd.

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Q: What is theoretical oxygen demand?
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6 How much is the theoretical oxygen demand of 1mM acetate solution?

First write the reaction, get moleculr weight of oxygen and reactant. TOD=(mg/L soln)X(weight of O)/(weight of Reactants)

Why is elasticity of demand a fine theoretical concept of economists but difficult for marketers to use in practice?

it is what elasticity of demand

What is a biological oxygen demand?

A biological oxygen demand is another term for a biochemical oxygen demand - the amount of oxygen needed by aerobic microorganisms to decompose all the organic matter in a sample of water - used as a measure of pollution.

What is the different between biochemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand?

Oxygen Demand -The amount of oxygen require to oxidize an organic materialBiochemical (Biological) Oxygen Demand (BOD) -The amount of oxygen required to oxidized any organic matter present in the water by microbes present in the water. Usually representin the easily "digestible" organics.Chemical Oxygen Demand (CO) - The amount of oxidants experessed as oxygen required to consume all organics in a water sampleTotal Oxygen Demand (TOD) the sum of COD and BODBiological Oxygen demand is the oxygen required to oxidized only organic matter by micro organisms (it is basically a prototype of actual process happening in treatment plant) while chemical oxygen demand is the oxygen consumed to oxidize all organic and inorganic matter and it employ chemicals to do this process that why it is way more fast then BOD experiment .

What is the theoretical yield of aluminum oxide if 3.00 mol of aluminum metal is exposed to 2.55 mol of oxygen?

The theoretical yield is 56,7 %.

Why is there a demand for chemical oxygen?

There is a very large demand for chemical oxygen. Chemical oxygen is very sought after because it can be used to determine when water is contaminated with pollutants.

Would the experimental percent oxygen be higher or lower than the theoretical percent oxygen?

because of variable in the situation '

What is mean chemical oxygen demand-?

The mean oxygen demand is the test done to indirectly determine the amount of organic compounds present in a water sample.

What is it called when you demand oxygen to muscles?

A yawn

How do you find theoretical percent of water?

Water contain 88,88 % oxygen and 11,11 % hydrogen.

What is Decreased by the breakdown of organic wastes?

Dissolved Oxygen

What happens in your muscle tissue and cells when the demand of oxygen is not met?

If the demand for oxygen is not met for a long period of time, the cells within the muscle tissue will die.