What makes up solution?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Two things that make up a solution is a solvent and a solute.

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Q: What makes up solution?
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What makes something a solution?

it makes up of molecules that have an even concentration throughout the system.

How does the addition of an base affect a neutral solution?

The addition of a base to a neutral solution will cause the pH of the solution to go up, which makes it a BASIC solution.

What makes up the seafloor?

Dead critters and plants, soil and minerals that cannot stay in solution.

Does the cell swell?

Putting the cell in a hypotonic solution makes it swell up.

What is a solution that makes a cell swell?

A hypotonic solution.

What is A number that makes a equation true?

The solution set is the answers that make an equation true. So I would call it the solution.

A value that makes an equation true?

Any number that makes an equation true is a 'solution of an equation'. it is a solution

What are two parts of solute?

The solute and the can tell them apart because thesolute is: in a solution a substance that is dissolved in a solvent andthe solvent is, in a solution the substance that dissolves a solute and makes up the largest percentage of a solution.

Do ions in blood form a solution?

Yes. The ions in blood are dissolved in the water that makes up most of the blood.

A pH of four is what solution?

A PH of 4 makes the solution acidic

What solution makes canary yellow solution?

An example is uranyl nitrate.

What makes a solution?

Solute and solvent