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Q: What minerals is the major positively charged ion inside body cells?
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How osmosis works inside human body?

There are certain types of vitamins and minerals that exist inside cells and float around outside cells that are either positively and negatively charged. If the equilibrium of specific vitamins or a specific mineral is out and creates a deficit from its positive/negative charged counterpart vitamin or mineral; then water is the medium to increase or decrease the pressure of the cells absorption and nutrient uptake.

Do sodium potassium ATPase pump causes positive charge to accumulate inside cells?

no- the outside of the cell becomes positively charge while the inside of the cell will become negitvely charged

What is the inside of your bones made up of?

Calcium and other minerals and cells

Where histamine is found in human body?

Histamine is found in the granules of mast cells where it is bound with an acidic protein and heparin(positively charged) while histamine itself is negatively charged.

Do eukaryotic chromosomes consist of circular DNA molecules complexed with positively charged nonhistone proteins?

No. Sounds as if you are describing a prokaryote chromosome.

What makes antimicrobial peptides to act on bacterial cells rather than human cells if peptides do not have hemolytic activities?

Bacterial membranes are richer in negatively charged phosphate groups. Antimicrobial peptides that are less hemolytic are rich in lys or arg groups that are positively charged.

What fills the space between the bone cells and minerals inside the ends of a bone are?

spongy pads

Why are living cells negatively charged inside?

ATP, organic acids, and other negative molecules that cannot escape

How does the cells charge affect the ions to move into the cell?

The charge of the cell would repel similar charged ions and attract opposite charged ions. For example, if a cell is positively charged, it would repel positive ions and attract negative ions

Are there minerals in animal cells?

Yes! Minerals are vital to properly functioning cells.

How does the inside of the resting neuron compare to the outside in terms of electrical charge and Na plus concentration?

The concentration of negatively charged proteins and positively charged potassium ions, K+, is greater inside the cell than outside. In contrast, the concentration of sodium ions, Na+, is greater outside the cell than inside. The concentrations of Na+ and K+ ions are partly due to the action of the sodium-potassium pump, which actively moves Na+ out of cells while moving K+ in.

Were minerals once plants and animals?

Minerals were not once plants and animals. This is because life is composed of cells and minerals do not contain cells.