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Neither. H-H and O=O

Nitrogen has a triple covalent bond when in it's natural gaseous state.

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Q: What molecule contains a tipple covalent bond between its atoms oxygen or hydrogen?
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The bonds between hydrogen and oxygen in a water molecule are classified as?

Within the molecule, the bonds are covalent bonds. Between water molecules, they're hydrogen bonds.

What type of bond is in a molecule of water?

Covalent bond between oxygen and hydrogen in water. Intermoleculat hydrogen bond between water molecules.

How many bonds does Hydrogen have?

the Hydrogen molecule has a single covalent bonds between its constituent atoms.

What the bond between hydrogen and oxygen in a water molecule classified as?

polar covalent,

What types of bonds hold together a water molecule?

Water has covalent bonds.The bonds between atoms in a water molecule are covalent bond, somewhat polar ones.

What of kind of bonds are found in water molecules?

hydrogen bonding between H2O and covalent bonding within the H2O molecule

What type of bond holds hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the molecule h2o?

The hydrogen and oxygen are held together by polar covalent bonds.

The covalent bond between a hydrogen atom and the oxygen atom in water is formed when?

The covalent bond between a hydrogen atom and and an oxygen atom when the two atoms share electrons. They form a water molecule when there are two hydrogen atoms sharing electrons with one oxygen atom.

Is propane diatomic or polyatomic molecule?

Molecuar, because it is made of hydrogen and carbon which are both nonmetals

What bonds are found inside a water molecule between hydrogen and oxygen?

proton bond

What type of bond does hydrogen and fluorine make?

Fluorine atoms have a covalent bond between each other to form a covalent molecule. Fluorine bonded to a metal will have ionic bonds. Fluorine bonded to a non-meatl will have polar covalent bonding.

What type of bonds form within a water molecule?

Within a water molecule is covalent bonds. between water molecules are hydrogen bonds.