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Q: What molecules can form hydrogen with others like it?
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Molecules can form hydrogen bonds with others like it?


Can a molecule be an element?

Yes, some of the nonmetals (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and the halogens) form diatomic molecules (H2, N2, O2, etc.). Sulfur forms S8 molecules, phosphorus can form P4 molecules, and the ever versatile element carbon can form C60 molecules among others.

What is liquid hydrogen made of?

Hydrogen. Just like liquid steam is made of water molecules - the same stuff but in a different form.

Atoms and molecules of different elements can do what to form molecules of compounds?

(Two or more than two ) Atoms or molecules of different elements combine to form compounds, like: Hydrogen(atom) and Chlorine combine to form HCL (an acid) Hydrogen(molecule) and oxygen combine to fom H2O (water)

What molecule can form hydrogen bonds with others like it?


Which of CF4 NH3 CO2 or HCl can form hydrogen bonds with others like it?


What is a compound in science and give examples?

basically a compound is a mixture of elements, an element is something that is made up entirely of one type of molecule and no others, like hydrogen for example. A compound is something that is a mi of elements, like water, which is made of Oxygen molecules and Hydrogen molecules

What is hypothesis for ice melting?

When heat/energy is added, static hydrogen bonds are unmade which cause water to be in a solid crystal-like structure, and the water molecules are freer to link up new hydrogen bonds with other water molecules or other electronically polarised molecules or others with a hydrogen, oxygen or nitrogen atom.

What is the element on wich life is based?

Carbon mostly, we are made of carbon chain molecules with things like oxygen, hydrogen, and Nitrogen (there are others as well)

If gas molecules like hydrogen don't like to gather together how does hydrogen gather to form a star?

While a gas will tend to resist compression, it is still possible to compress it. In the case of a star, the attractive force of gravity is enough to compress hydrogen into a star.

Does a water molecule form ionic or covent bond?

Water, H-O-H, has covalent bond between hydrogen and oxygen. However water can also form hydrogen bond with polar molecules like alcohols, acids, etc.

What property of water molecules allows hydrogen to form a bond?

because molecules are attracted to hydrogen just like woman are to man or man are to woman (it is such an easy explanation) and because they contribute to the national chemistry irbecregulation. you could just say their "hotness" attracts each other