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There are many uses for a plastic chair. They are normally made so that they can stack on top of one another, therefore saving storage room. Unlike most chairs, you can use these chairs either indoor or outdoor and they are great for bringing with you in a car.

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Q: What other uses does a plastic chair have?
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What is the life expectancy of a plastic chair?

The life of a plastic chair can be anywhere from 10 to 20 years. It all depends on the quality of the chair in the first place, and if the chair is kept up.

Where is the best location to purchase plastic chair covers?

Plastic chair covers can be easily bought online from stores such as Amazon and eBay. Both of these will offer competitive prices. There are also specific stores such as Plastic Chair Covers.

What is chair made of?

Wood and plastic.

Is a plastic chair made from rock?


What type of plastic materials is used for manufacture of plastic chair?


What are some uses for plastic bottles?

Certain plastic bottles can be recycled and make other plastic items, so saving them from landfill.

What are chair covers?

Chair covers are the cloth or plastic (spandex) material which is used to cover the chair. Chair covers can be used to protect the chair or to decorate and make chair attractive.

What are the disadvantages of the plastic chair?

it can bend then break.

Is a chair a nonrenewable or renewable source?

A chair is not a source. Some kinds of wood are renewable, if the chair is wooden. If the chair is metal or plastic then it is not renewable.

Protect the Floor and Rubber Chair Casters with a Plastic Mat?

If your office chair has rubber chair casters, consider placing a plastic mat on the floor underneath your chair. This will protect your hardwood from any scuffing and will keep the casters from getting stuck in your carpet.

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