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In unstable neuclei where there are 'too many' neutrons, a neutron will convert to a proton and an electron - that electron is ejected from the nucleus and is called a beta particle. It is important that we call this electron a beta particle because it is derived by radioactive disintegration in the nucleus and not an 'orbital' electron.

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Beta particles are high speed electrons or positrons.

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En electron is emitted from the nucleus during beta decay (:

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These particles are more dangerous than alpha rays. They are negatively charged electrons . They have -1 unit charge and zero mass.

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Q: What particle is emitted in beta radiation?
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What atomic particle do a beta particle resembles?

A beta particle is a negative electron. A positive electron is a Positron.

What type of nuclear radiation is emitted in Boron 12 to Carbon 2?

Boron-12 (12B) typically undergoes beta decay, where a neutron is converted into a proton, emitting an electron (beta particle) and an antineutrino. This transformation results in carbon-12 (12C). So, the nuclear radiation emitted in this process is a beta particle.

What kind of radiation is emitted when polonium decays to astatine?

Polonium, which has an atomic number of 84, decays to astatine, which has an atomic number of 85, a negative beta particle is emitted.

A beta particle is a what created and emitted from an unstable nucleus?

NovaNet: A beta particle is simply a high speed electron.

Which particle is emitted when an atom OF 85Kr spontaneously decays?

a beta particle

Radiation consisting of a single electron?

beta radiation!

What happens when U-235emits a beta particle?

U-235 emits beta particles as part of typical radioactive decay. When a beta particle is emitted, an electron is emitted and a neutron is converted into a proton.

What are the three major forms of emitted radiation?

The three major forms of emitted ionizing radiation are Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

A beta particle may be spontaneously emitted from?

Positrons are emitted from proton-rich radioactive during positive beta-decay.

When the radioactive isotope of Th-234 emits a beta particle to become Pa-234 it also loses a small amount of mass which is emitted as?

gamma radiation!

What is a particle that is never emitted in beta decay?

The alpha particle is emitted in alpha decay, and that means you won't see it appear in beta decay. In beta decay, you'll get either an electron or a positron emitted from the nucleus. A link to the related question here can be found below. "What is beta decay?" is already posted and answered.

Are X-rays similar to beta rays?

Though both are forms of ionizing radiation, an X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation, while a beta ray is actually a beta particle. The beta particle is a form of particulate radiation, and the beta particle could be either an electron or a positron.