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PV = nRT

You can use whatever you want essentially, however S.I units are generally preferred so you don't end up in a mess.

P in pascals (Pa)

V in metres (m3)

n is just the number of moles

R is the gas constant 8.3145x103 (JK-1mol-1)

T is temperature in Kelvin (K)

Converting Celsius to Kelvin is simple (degrees celcius + 273.15) = temperature in Kelvin

Note:- if you keep pressure in Torr rather than Pa, you have to use a different value for the gas constant R.

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Kelvin must always be used

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Q: What temperature scale must always be used when working gas law problems?
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The temperature scale for using Charles' Law is not Fahrenheit or Celsius but what?

Always use temperature in the Kelvin scale when doing gas law problems.

Is temperature expressed on the Celsius scale in calculations using Charles' Law?

No, you must always use the Kelvin scale when doing gas law problems.

What temperature scale must be used when working with ideal gas equations?

The Kelvin scale is used.

What temperature scale must be used when working with the ideal gas equation?

The Kelvin scale is used.

Is an absolute temperature scale always positive?

Yes, it is always positive. 0 K is the lowest temperature there can be.

Which temperature is always larger - an object's Celsius temperature or its kelvin temperature?

The objects Kelvin temperature. The Kelvin scale starts at absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius)

What is ment by the Kelvin scale of temperature?

the absolute temperature scale

What was the 1st problem the crew experienced in Apollo 13 mission?

The O2 tank 2 temperature scale stopped working (or so the crew thought), reading off scale high. It turned out the sclae was working fine. The temperature inside the tank had reached nearly 1,000 deg F, but the scale only read up to 100 deg F.

What is the temperature scale where water freezes at 32?

It is the Fahrenheit temperature scale

At what temperature is the result the same no matter what scale you use?

No temperature is exactly the same on every scale. This is because the Kelvin and Celsius scales, and the Rankine and Fahrenheit scales, are always a constant difference. -40 C = -40 F

What is fourth scale for measuring temperature?

the fourth scale for measuring temperature is RANKINE...

What temperature scale shows water freezing at 0?

It is the Celsius temperature scale