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The valence electrons of O is 6 and F is 7. 7x2= 14 + 6 =20 electrons in total

Each Fluorine makes a single bond with the oxygen atom. so that's 2 bonds right there.

then fill up the fluorines so that they are satisfied. 16 electrons have now been used up. But the oxygen atom is still unsatisfied so you must give the oxygen atom 2 lone pairs. the total is now 20 electrons

now the hybridization of the oxygen atom which in this case is the central atom is determined by adding the total # of bonds together, it has 2 bonds with Fluorine and two lone pairs, add them up and u get 4 total bonds. 4 total bonds is = to sp^3

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Hybridisation is mathematical devide in valence bond theory to form new orbitals from the atomic orbitals on atoms where these new hybrid orbitals "point" in the right direction.

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The hybridization of the carbon atom in this molecule is sp2.

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Q: What the hybridization of central atom coh2?
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