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The pH value is an indication of the acidity/alkalinity of a solution. More precisely, the pH value is a representation of the concentration of hydrogen cations (hydronium ions) in a solution.

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pH (by definition) = -( 10log[H+] ) where [H+]= concentration (mol/l) H+ions.

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Q: What the pH number of an indicator for the concentration of?
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The pH number is an indicator for?


What does pH indicator?

p = -log H= concentration of hydrogen in solution (H+) therefore, pH= -log [H+] or [H+] = 10-pH

What pH satnds for in pH indicator?

pH stands for something along the lines of "Power of hydrogen". It represents the "power" ... or exponent ... of the hydrogen ion concentration.

Weak acid or base whose color depends on hydronium ion concentration?

pH indicator

How does the concentration of H affect the number on the pH scale?

The meaning of a higher H+ concentration is a low pH.

What factor determines the pH at the equivalence point?

the concentration of hydrogen ions - H+

How do you decide which of a group of solutions has the greatest concentration of hydroxide ions OH-?

To determine the pH of a range of solutions, you can use a pH meter, or a universal indicator.

What does a sodium hydrogen carbonate indicator do?

Sodium hydrogen carbonate is used as an indicator of pH or as a test for the concentration of carbon dioxide. For the preparation of the solution see the link below.

What is the pH number of phosphorus chloride?

pH doesn't work that way. The pH depends on the concentration as well as the substance; it's meaningless to talk about the pH of a substance without specifying a concentration as well.

What fruit and vegetable can you use as a pH indicator?

cabbage juice is a natural pH indicator

What changes color on pH?

a pH indicator

Can pH be a negative number?

Yes, if the concentration of hydrogen ions is above 1 M, then pH will be negative. An example is Sulfuric acid, which can get a proton concentration up to 18 M which would be a pH of -1.3.