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at any altitude, fluids flow from areas of higher pressure to some areas of lower pressure.

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Q: What two properties show that a drink is a fluid?
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Can you use transmision fluid for brake fluid?

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid with very specific properties. Transmission is also a hydraulic fluid or oil with very different properties. The two are not interchangeable with each other. Use only the fluids specified by the manufacture of your equipment.

What is meant by fluid mechanics?

Fluid mechanics is the study of fluids and the forces on them. (Fluids include liquids, gases, and plasmas.)A longer answerFluid mechanics is a branch of physics which deals in the study of Properties of Fluid(that is gases or liquids). Fluid mechanics broadly classified in to two types:1. Fluid statics2. Fluid dynamicsFluid statics deals with the properties of fluid at rest and fluid dynamics deals with the properties of fluids in motion. Fluid dynamics is further divided in to two branches a:1. Hydro dynamics2. Aero dynamicsHydro dynamics deals with the properties of liquids in motion , where as Aero dynamics delas with the properties of gases in motion.Computational fluid mechanics is another branch of fluid mechanics where it uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve the problems related to fluid flows.

What is the name of a type of matter that has properties of two different states?

This type of matter is called supercritical fluid.

What are two properties of light that you can show using a ray diagram?

brightness and size - yousaf

List two properties of the pressure exerted on an object by a fluid?

The pressure increases as the object goes deeper into the fluid; the pressure is always perpendicular to the surface of the object

How many 16. 9 fl oz do i have to drink to equal 2 liters?

You'd have to drink four 16.9-oz fluid ounces to equal two liters.

What instruments measure rheological properties?

Instruments that measure rheological properties are called Rheometers. They impose specific deformation to the fluid and monitor the results. The two operating modes include steady and oscillator flow.

How do you show a drink contain two different yellow substance by experiment?

I Think By Fractional Distillation

What are two properties of glycerides?

What are two properties of glycerides?

What are two properties of sodium acetate?

Two properties are foam and water

What has 2 properties?

Nothing. If something has two properties, you can immediately add a third one which states that is has at least two properties. That becomes its third property and so it no longer has two properties.

What does moderate alcohol consumption mean?

Moderate alcohol consumption means one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. Five fluid ounces of wine, 12 ounces of regular beer or 1.5 fluid ounces of distilled spirits is called one drink.